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How to Remove Limescale

Limescale inside taps is a cleaners nightmare, you have a few choices.

The First one is acid wash, you can purchase this on Amazon---->

Or direct from Evans the Supplier but you will have to buy in bulk ---->

We use something called Vanosolve by Evans, now you have to work quick with this.

If you leave it on stainless steel too long it starts to smoke and burns the steel sending it black.

We only allow senior cleaning staff to use this and they have been well trained in the procedure of how it should be used.

Always wear gloves with his stuff as it will burn your skin if correct procedure is not followed.

If you decide to go this way apply straight on to the tap where the Limescale is, you will see it will go Bright White where the Limescale is, get a metal scourer and quickly scrub the area.

The limescale will come off straight away.

*Please note do not run the hot tap while this product is on the tap, it will melt into the tap and once its burnt there is no getting it off.

*Please also note we do not accept any responsibility for you trying this method, if your not 100% confident then call us or use one of the other methods.

Viakal we LOVE this stuff, its very good, doesn't mark the tap as quick as Vanosolve and will bring the taps and sinks sparkling again, its not as strong as Viakal on the rims around the inside of the taps, we find chipping it gently with a scraper from B and Q works wonders.

Once you spray up the taps and sink, leave for a couple of minutes, gentle use a metal scourer to remove the built up limescale and it will look like new.

Hampshire County Cleaning hopes you enjoyed reading our limescale tips.

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